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Do you have "swagger? If so, hip hop your way to see HALF TIME at The Paper Mill Playhouse through July 1, 2018 - before it pops and locks on Broadway.  

Find the beat for tickets here.   The Paper Mill has excellent visibility no matter where you sit, but if you would like ATx Random to check on house seats, it would be our pleasure to request them for you (pending availability).


Note:  Unless otherwise specified, guests attending HALF TIME are responsible for their own expenses such as (but not limited to): transportation, accomodations, meals, theatre tickets, tips, etc.


Privacy policy: Our website is built on a Wix Platform.  Wix's privacy policy is linked here.  ATx Random, personally, does not mine or share your data.  Should you wish to be removed from receiving our updates, let us know via the contact form.  

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